The Bucket List 10 -⏩ What are the Top 10 Bucket List Items?

We here at Bucket List HQ love nothing more than a list of epic things to do, which is why we’ve decided to come up with the ULTIMATE Bucket List 10. We want to know: what are the top 10 bucket list experiences that are loved by people all over the world so we can create an incredible, definitive list!

In order to create this awesome Bucket List 10, we’re asking for the help of you, our fine readers, to vote for your favourites. We’ve compiled a list of 28 Bucket List ideas that we think are pretty hot contenders for the ultimate Bucket List 10. All we’re asking you to do is vote for your top 10 favourites so that we can narrow it down based on actual, real-world feedback and statistics.

So, if you love Bucket Lists as much as we do, help us out by casting your votes on what you think deserves a place in the Bucket List 10. Then, of course, add them to your own list so you can start ticking off more and more unbelievable activities and adventures each year! This list is for your inspiration!

What are the top 10 bucket list items?

1. See the Northern Lights

the nothern lights

The natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights will take your breath away, with the luminous whites, greens and purple colours dancing through the sky. The Northern Lights are only visible from November to March (approx.) each year and are best seen above the Arctic Circle, so start planning your trip to Canada, Iceland or Scandinavia to witness this amazing natural light show.feel worlds apart from our own lives. Here is our list of the best places to see the northern lights.

2. Skydive

tandem sky diving

Skydiving is an activity that often graces people’s bucket lists; some for the thrill and others because it terrifies them! Whether you want to jump out of the plane to admire the view and experience the adrenaline, or because you want to prove you can face your fears, you’re sure to have a jump to remember!

3. Swim with Dolphins

swimming with a pod of dolphins

Swimming with dolphins in the wild is another bucket list favourite, with many people longing to interact with these playful, intelligent creatures in their natural habitat. Dolphins often travel in pods, so the chances are if you are able to swim with one in the wild, you’re likely to be swimming with 10 more too!

4. Find My Soulmate

soulmates on their wedding day

Looking for love is something that seems innate in us as humans, so finding your soulmate is a definite must for the bucket list ten. With around 8 billion people on the planet there really is someone for everyone, so even if you’re yet to find your human, fear not as they’re out there somewhere!

5. Go Scuba Diving

scuba diving

Scuba diving allows you to experience the marine world in such a special way, being able to really immerse yourself in nature and discover creatures far below the surface. While the breathing can take some getting used to, once you’re swimming with turtles and sharks, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get in there and give it a go.

6. Buy A House

Couple sold first house

Buying a house is often something people want to accomplish in life, and there’s nothing quite like getting the keys to your first home and popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

7. Complete a Marathon

completing a marathon

Fitness challenges are a great one for the bucket list and completing a marathon is something almost anyone can do if they really put their mind to it. So why not sign up and get training?!

8. Visit the Grand Canyon

the grand canyon and hiker

Visiting the world’s largest canyon is a bucket-list must for many, with the sheer scale of this natural wonder leaving you feeling awe-inspired. Don’t forget to pack your camera!
Here our list of the best things to do in the Grand Canyon.

9. Fly in a Hot Air Balloon

view from a hot air balloon

Taking a peaceful hot air balloon ride is a wonderful experience and is one that can be enjoyed as close to home or as far-flung as you wish. Whether you want to see your own back yard from above or float above the Serengeti is up to you.
Here are the 13 best places to hot air balloon in the world.

10. See the Pyramids in Egypt

the pyramids of eygypt from afar

Being the only remaining of the Seven Wonders of the World, it’s no surprise that seeing the Pyramids of Giza is on so many people’s bucket lists. Will this feat of human engineering make it into your Bucket List 10?!

11. Bathe an Elephant

elephants bath at The Thai Elephant Conservation Center

Seeing an elephant up close and personal is a really magical experience and having the chance to care for these gentle giants at an ethical sanctuary, bathing and feeding them, is an activity like no other!
Best places to bathe an elephant

12. Write a Book

notebook and pen

Writing a book can be a fascinating way to tell your tale or pass on your memories to your children and grandchildren, so why not pick up a pen and get started today?

13. Try White Water Rafting

white water rafting in nz

White water rafting is another one for the thrill-seekers. This activity allows you to get your heart pumping while being out in nature, bouncing your way through river rapids (probably getting soaked along the way!).

14. Visit Paris

visit paris

Visiting Paris, the city of lights and love, is an item that graces many people’s bucket lists not least thanks to the fact that the city boasts some incredible museums and monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.

15. Visit an International Disney Theme Park

tokyo disneyland

Whether you have one of Walt’s parks on your doorstep or have always longed to visit, travelling internationally to a Disney Theme Park is a real must. These magical destinations are filled with fun for all the family and will certainly give you a trip to remember.

16. Learn Another Language

learn a language

Speaking another language is a skill many of us wish we had so adding the learning process to your bucket list is a great way to get you started on that journey to conversing with people from another country.

17. Walk on the Great Wall of China

hiking the great wall of china

The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous sights in the world (stretching over 21,000km!), so it’s no wonder that many people want to add experiencing this man-made wonder to their bucket list.

18. Go on a Safari in Africa

on the back of a jeep on safari

Going on safari in Africa is something that everyone should try to do at least once in their life, taking in the magical moment of seeing lions, elephants, giraffe, zebra, rhino and more relaxing in their natural habitat.

19. Bungee Jump

bungee jumping over a canyon

Just like skydiving, bungee jumping is something that people either long to do or are petrified about doing! Will you brave adding a bungee jump to your bucket list?

20. Go Dogsledding

couple dog stedding

Dogsledding is another once-in-a-lifetime experience; feeling the wind in your hair as you sled through a frozen winter wonderland. The dogs are so happy to run for you too that it’s a really joyous experience all round!

21. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

Marine life on the coral reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most amazing natural wonders and snorkelling in this magical underwater world, with colourful coral and marine life around you will be an experience you hold with you forever.

22. Become a Parent

starting a family

Some say there is no greater joy than becoming a parent and for many it’s something they tick off their bucket list without even knowing it was on there! While becoming a parent will change your life forever, it will be more than worth it.

23. Experience the Midnight Sun

the midnight sun in iceland

Experiencing the midnight sun is quite unlike anything else, with some countries offering golf rounds and festivals well into the night thanks to the endless bright skies. While the light will play with your body clock experiencing it is something special!

24. See the cherry blossoms in Japan

cherry blossoms in japan

Witnessing the cherry blossom in Japan in spring is likely to be a once in a lifetime experience so make sure you time your trip perfectly so that you can really soak up the beauty and serenity of these pastel pink blooms.

25. Learn a musical instrument

learning guitar

Many of us start out learning music in school, but truly mastering a musical instrument is an art and talent that is well worth having on your bucket list. Whether you go for something mainstream like piano or guitar or want to try something a little more ‘out there’, the choice is yours!

26. Volunteer abroad

volenteering internationally

Volunteering abroad will not only give you memories of a lifetime, but it also allows you to give back to communities and areas that are perhaps less fortunate than yourself. Help build infrastructure, plant trees, teach children or work with animals, so you know you’ve done something to help positively impact the planet.

27. Visit every continent

airport departure board

Travel is often the highlight of people’s bucket lists and ‘visiting every continent’ is a real must if you want to earn the ultimate bragging rights. These days Antarctica is more accessible than ever so start planning your trip of a lifetime to tick this epic feature off your list.

28. Go to a world-famous festival

festival dress up

There are some pretty cool festivals held around the world today, from Glastonbury and Coachella to Burning Man and Rio Carnival, so don your glitter, pack your tent and prepare to dance ’til dawn to some of the planet’s hottest artists and DJs.

So, now you’ve read through our top contenders, don’t forget to cast your vote to help play a part in deciding the world’s ultimate Bucket List 10.

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