Where Can I Drive a Tank? 9 Places to Enjoy This Amazing Experience

If you’re looking for something unique and adventurous to add to your bucket list, why not think about driving a military tank? These fun drive days include time learning about these mammoth machines, how to drive them and then having time to operate a tank, even looking through a periscope to see where you’re going! Some of the experiences also allow you to fire blanks from the tank cannon or even drive over a car!! Read on to find out where you can enjoy this incredible driving experience around the world.

driving a sherman tank

Drive A Tank, MN, USA

Drive A Tank have been offering spectacular tank-driving experiences since 2006, with their packages geared up to offering the very best tank experience on the market. 

Located in Kasota, MN, USA, Drive A Tank allow you to feel like a general for a day as you learn the ropes of tank driving before heading out to a wooded course to test your skills. 

Many of their experiences also allow you to fire an authentic STEN machine gun (with blank rounds)! Choose from experiences driving an Abbott SPG, an FV432 APC, a Russian T-55 MBT and a Sherman E8. One of the special things about Drive A Tank is that you can upgrade to driving your tank over a car or even through a house – now that’s certainly something to write home about! 

Drive A Tank experiences are only available on weekdays though so keep this in mind if you are buying the experience as a gift. 

Prices start from $299, with additional add-ons for a single car crush ($549), a double car crush ($749) and a home destruction (POA). 

Tank Driving and Shooting, Russia

For those who want to drive a Russian military tank, join a tank driving and shooting tour from Moscow. This all-encompassing six-hour tour involves a transfer from your hotel to the military ground, the opportunity to wear a military-field uniform, a safety briefing and then the pièce-de-resistance, a ride in a BMP-1, BRDM-2 or BTR-80 tank. Your tank ride will include a ride over a trench, an obstacle course and an off-road route so you can experience all the different levels the tank has to offer. 

Visitors also have the chance to witness and potentially fire some of the most powerful Russian and Soviet weapons, including machine guns, rifles, pistols and grenade launchers! This military-style operation even boasts a Kalashnikov machine gun, a PRG-26 Anti-tank rocket launcher and an imitation shot with an explosion of a tower which you can upgrade to for extra cost. 

Prices start from $265 (17,000 rub) for a group tour (without rifle rounds) and rises to $3,114 (200,000 rub) for a private tour of tank driving and shooting. A car crush is extra at $1,323 (85,000 rub) 

Tank Town, GA, USA

With a name like Tank Town you know you’re in for a real treat, and the professional team here will give you all the information and training you need to get behind the wheel of one of these powerful machines. For just $150 you can muscle your way around the course for 10 minutes (or 1/2 a mile), with plenty of muddy bumps and humps to keep you entertained. If you love it, you can add extra 10-minute slots for an additional $125 a time. The great thing about Tank Town is that you can bring two passengers along for the ride at no extra cost so three of you can enjoy the experience for the price of one! 

In addition to tank driving, Tank Town also offer a car crushing experience which combines 25 minutes of driving on the course followed by a real smash-up of an old car from every angle! 

Prices start from $150 for tank driving and $599 for car crushing. 

Drive Tanks, TX, USA

If you want a truly authentic experience, look no further than Drive Tanks located in Ulvade, TX, USA. Drive Tanks allow civilians to drive real WWII tanks around their Ox Ranch down in Texas. The operation here has a whole host of military machines including tanks, artillery, flame-throwers, machine guns and mortars, all of which are available to the public! Visitors can drive an original Sherman tank through their rough and ready combat course as well shoot a round from the ‘Easy Eva’ 76mm gun. 

Then, if you find you absolutely love driving a tank, you can even buy one to take home and drive around your private land (prices upon request)! 

Prices start from $650 and rise to $8,250 for a full-day experience. 

The Irish Military War Museum, Ireland

If you’re in Ireland and want a mega military experience, check out The Irish Military War Museum which allows you to explore their collection of tanks and military vehicles before putting on your helmet to get behind the wheel of one yourself! Their tank driving package allows you to receive full training before getting down and dirty in the mud with one of these amazing machines and you can even add a tank spin to your trip for a memorable end to your experience. For those who don’t want to drive a tank, you can just enjoy the tank spin separately (€75/$83 for a group of up to 10 per spin). 

Prices start from $219 (€199). 

Battlefield Vegas, USA

The team at Battlefield Vegas have taken an original Chieftain Mk8 from the UK and transformed it into a real-life replica of the US M1A1 Abrams for civilians to drive around their specialist battlefield site. Visitors will be picked up from their Vegas hotel (in a Humvee), shown around the site and be given full instruction on how to manoeuvre the vehicle before jumping into the tank ready to get car crushing. Guests will smash and crash to their heart’s content until the car is well and truly ready for the automobile graveyard! While this experience is certainly not cheap, your car-crushing memories will be priceless! 

Prices start from $2,499.99. 

Tank Driving Taster, UK

This UK tank-driving experience allows you to get behind the controls of the famous FV432 as you work your way around the track, splashing through the mud as you go. You and your crew (three guests at a time) will receive full instructions on how to manoeuvre the vehicle and be given a headset so you can continue to communicate with your leader as you go. Each driver will take their turn at driving the FV432, both with the hatch open and closed. The Tank Driving Taster also includes a Museum Pass so you can witness the large military vehicle collection that is housed at the Armourgeddon Military Vehicle Museum. 

You can even add on or upgrade to a tank paintball battle experience (£100/$125) which combines tank driving with paintball warfare so you can show off your aim and prowess on the field. 

Prices start from just $124 (£99). 

Tank America, FL, USA

You can now get behind the controls of a 17-ton military-style vehicle in Florida with the team at Tank America. Guests receive a full safety and vehicle briefing before getting on board their FV433 Abbot tank to roam through rugged terrain. The team are full of historical military facts so you’ll feel like you not only experience an epic ride but you learn something too! Some of their more expensive packages also allow you to bring a passenger along for the ride so you can show off your skills to your loved ones.  

Prices start at $349 for the basic package rising to $1,299 for the Ultimate Combat Experience (including car crush). 

Military Tour, Ukraine

The AK-47 Rifle Shooting and Tank Driving Tour in Kiev allows visitors to drive a 300hp armoured, iron mean machine for up to 30 minutes alongside a professional instructor before having the chance to shoot the vehicle’s 45mm cannon. Guests will then head over to the shooting range where they can try their hand at an AK-47 assault rifle, an SVD sniper rifle and a range of pistols. This is the ultimate Soviet military day for those with a love of war history and mighty machines. Once the military part is done, and dusted guests can enjoy a complimentary beer together before heading back to their hotel. 

Prices start from $186 (€169) for the Complete Day Military Experience. 

Driving a tank can be a unique way to celebrate a birthday or holiday, or even to share your military experience with friends or family. Whether you simply want to ride as a passenger or want to feel in control of the power of one of these impressive machines, there is certainly an experience out there for you. The photos and memories you have of your awesome experience will definitely be one to show and tell to the grandkids!

Let us know if you’ve ever driven a tank before or if this is something that you’ll be adding to your bucket list.

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