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Have you ever dreamed of flying in a fighter jet but don’t know where to start when planning this epic experience? Read on to find out how and where you can fly in a fighter jet, what the experience entails and how much it costs. At the end of this article you could be booking a trip to fly in a fighter jet; feeling the thrill of supersonic speed and tackling some awesome aerobatic manoeuvres!  

Where Can I Fly in a Fighter Jet?

There are various locations around the world where you can fly in a fighter jet including the USA, the UK, Russia, Germany, France and Switzerland. You can experience the high-speed adrenaline rush of the Aero L-39, MiG-29, T-33, T67 Firefly, and many other types of aircraft.

Here we’ll give you the low-down on where you can fly a fighter jet plane so you can start organising this extraordinary adventure. 

Fly a Fighter Jet in the USA

There are a number of destinations within the United States where you can fly a fighter jet. These include New York, Michigan, California and Florida.

How much does it cost to fly in a fighter jet?

The standard price for a fighter jet flight in the USA is $2,999 for 45 minutes or $3,449 for 60 minutes.  This includes a chance to control the fighter jet yourself.

What's Included?

Fighter jet flights in the USA include an introduction to your military fighter jet co-pilot, a discussion of the plan of action and then a 45-minute or hour-long flight in a military L-39 Albatross Jet. Your flight will include manoeuvres like Loops, Rolls, Immelman turns, Split-S, Dives and Climbs to name but a few! You will also have the chance to control the fighter jet yourself while airborne (with the strict guidance of your instructor). Once you have come back down to Earth (both literally and metaphorically!), you will be offered a certificate of your flight as well as the opportunity to take photographs with the plane and your instructor pilot. 

Visitors will also have the option of upgrading to a flight video package so that you can replay the memory of your journey again and again. 

L-39 flights can also be experienced in France (30 minutes L-39 flight (block time) near Paris is €2400), Germany (prices upon asking), Latvia (near Riga €1999 for a 20-min flight or €2850 for a 30-min flight) and Italy (usually only available in winter €1999 for 20-min flight or €2850 for 30-min flight). 

Switzerland: Flying Over the Swiss Alps

For a journey with a spectacularly scenic view, you can choose to fly over the Swiss Alps. This route gives you a chance to witnessing the breath-taking mountain scenery during a whirlwind flight, taking in peaks, valleys, glaciers, lakes, rivers and mountains.

How Much?

A flight on the L-39 Albatros Jet Fighter in Switzerland costs €3900 for a 30-min flight or €5520 for a 45-min flight. Alternatively, visitors can choose to fly in the Hawker Hunter Jet which costs €7500 for a 25-min flight. 

What's Included?

The flight on the L-39 fighter jet in Switzerland allows customers to fly with an experienced Swiss pilot who knows the alpine landscape like the back of their hand. You will have the opportunity to experience loops, Cuban eights, inverted flight, vertical diving and/or controlled spins. This will be a truly exhilarating flight with exceptional views to boot! A flight video package is included in the price too so you can show your friends and family your amazing experience.

The Hawker Hunter flight experience includes the same safety briefings with additional information about this remarkably agile, two-seater aircraft. You will enjoy a range of manoeuvres, and you might even have the chance to do a high-speed low pass over the airport runway.


L-39 flights, bookable through FlyFighterJet.Com take off from Vyazma, Smolensk Oblast (near Moscow).  

The SOKOL airfield near the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod is the only place that MiG-29 experiences can take off. 

How Much Does it Cost to Fly in a MIG-29?

Guests can enjoy a 30-min flight on the L-39 just outside of Moscow from €1959. 

MiG-29 Jet Flights in Russia start from €12500 for a 25-min flight without supersonic and rise to €14500 for a 45-min flight with supersonic. 

What's Included?

Flights on the L-39 in Russia include theoretical training, ejection seat simulator training, interpreter services and, of course, the flight itself including aerobatic manoeuvres and the possibility of controlling the jet yourself. These flights also allow you to take pictures and videos yourself, or upgrade to a video package at an extra cost. All flyers will receive a certificate which will include specifications of your plane and flight.

Flights on the MiG-29 Fulcrum in Russia allow you to experience real G-force (up to 9 G of force will be exerted on your body) as well as the chance to witness the curvature of the Earth as you reach heights of up to 22km above sea level! Your flight will include a range of aerobatic manoeuvres as well as the possibility to take control of the jet to fly this incredible piece of machinery all on your own!


Canada has a couple of fighter jet flight destinations, namely Calgary in Alberta and Waterloo near Toronto. Which destination you choose depends on which fighter jet you want to fly.

How Much Does it Cost?

An L-39 Albatros Jet Flight in and around Calgary starts at $2799 for a 30-min flight and rises to $3399 for a 45-min flight and $3899 for a 60-min flight. Alternatively, you can enjoy a ride in a Lockheed T-33 in Waterloo (near Toronto), Ontario from $2399 for a 30-min flight.

What's Included?

The L-39 Albatros experience in Calgary in a fun flight for first-timers as you are able to control the jet in flight, as well as enjoying the thrill of the ride during some aerobatic manoeuvres performed by the pilot. You may even have the chance to direct a manoeuvre yourself! You can even log this as your first flight so it can count towards future certification if you plan on doing more!

The flight program for the Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star includes preparation and training while on the ground before taking off to experience G-force and aerobatic manoeuvres. You will have the chance to control the T-Bird yourself! Manoeuvres experienced include rolls, Immelman turns, loop, ascent and acceleration while vertical, dives and tail slides.

For both experiences you’ll receive a certificate and the chance to take some photos with the plane and pilot afterwards.

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