What is Denmark Famous For? 9 Things That Make Denmark the Country it is

Denmark, of the Kingdom of Denmark as it is officially known, is one of the smaller Scandinavian countries, but it is big on things you should consider adding to your bucket list.

What is Denmark Famous For?

Denmark is known for the well-being of its citizens, fine dining, castles, the art of hygge, Tivoli Gardens, and for being the home of Lego. Don’t only just visit Copenhagen, there are other famous places has to offer, including the Faroe Islands, Greenland and it’s rugged North Sea beaches.

Read on to discover what Denmark is famous for and why it might just deserve a spot on your bucket list…

1. Happiness

happy danish people

Denmark is regularly voted as being the happiest nation in the world, with quality education and healthcare, smiley-faced plug sockets and having the least corrupt government in the world all working in the Danes’ favour!

Denmark is a relatively liberal country, and their high taxation in order to serve a welfare state to ensure low levels of poverty doesn’t seem to get people down. The idea and practice of Hygge may also be one of the factors in Danish happiness, which places a focus on high-quality social interactions to improve wellbeing.

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Try Hygge – the Danish Art of Coziness



2. Tivoli Gardens

tivoli gardens denmark

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are one of the highlights of any trip to Denmark and are known for their beauty, attractions and annual Christmas market that is one of the best in the world. Tivoli Gardens is thought to be the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world and was even said to have been an inspiration for Walt Disney before he created the first Disneyland in Los Angeles!

Tivoli Gardens was established in the 1840s when Danish architect George Carstensen persuaded King Christian VIII to let him build an amusement park on the edge of the city. He used the argument that “when people amuse themselves, they forget politics”.

Today, Tivoli Gardens is the most popular attraction in the country and are a must for first-time visitors to Denmark.

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3. Fine Dining

The two-Michelin-star restaurant, Noma, has been voted the world’s best restaurant on numerous occasions and is probably the best example of Denmark’s fine dining scene that is dreamt about all over the world. Known for its modern interpretation of Nordic cuisine,

Noma highlights local ingredients such as salted herring and foraged herbs, with chef René Redzepi and his team turning them into works of art on the plate.

While it’s almost impossible to get a table at Noma, it’s important to remember that this is just a snapshot of Danish cuisine and other fine dining experiences can be found at restaurants such as three-Michelin-star Geranium and the sustainable restaurant Relae.

Alternatively, if you prefer cheap eats, Danish hot dogs (found in sausage wagons) and Danish pastries and coffee at cafés around the country are not to be missed!

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Eat at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

4. The Castles of Denmark

Egeskov castle in denmark

Another thing that Denmark is famous for is its collection of castles which can be found throughout the country. As Denmark is home to one of the longest-running monarchies in the world, many of the castles are or have once been homes of the Royal Family, with the grand residences featuring large banquet rooms, manicured gardens and even the Danish crown jewels (held within the famous Rosenborg Castle).

Travellers can visit the Kronborg Castle (thought to be the inspiration for Elsinore Castle in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’), the ancient island castle of Frederiksborg, the massive moat of the Egeskov Castle and the Danish parliament building, Christiansborg Palace.

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5. The Faroe Islands

water fall

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands archipelago is a Danish autonomous territory known for its wild beauty and its small population of just over 50,000 inhabitants. The islands are a must for nature lovers and hikers who can roam the land and sea in search of quaint villages, mysterious grottoes, bustling bird cliffs and rustic beaches.

The Faroe Islands are also strangely known for being a popular festival destination, with arts and music festivals running throughout the summer, with travellers from around the world coming to discover the island’s party atmosphere.

Despite being part of Denmark in terms of military defence and foreign affairs, the Faroe Islands have an independent trade policy and even compete as a separate national state in competitions such as the Football World Cup.

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6. Greenland

Northwest Fjord - Scoresbysund - Greenland

Greenland is another of Denmark’s autonomous territories that, unfortunately for Donald Trump, is not going to be up for sale any time soon! The Danes have owned the world’s largest island since 1814, but since 1979 Greenland has had Home Rule, meaning it is in control of its own power of governance.

Greenland has become a popular tourist destination over the past few years with people seeking out more remote locations in which to witness ruggedly beautiful landscapes, Arctic wildlife and the Northern Lights. With sites such as the Northeast Greenland National Park (Kalaallit Nunaanni Nuna Eqqissisimatitaq) – the world’s largest and most northerly national park – and UNESCO World Heritage Sites Ilulissat Icefjord, Aasivissuit – Nipisat and Kujataa, Greenland has plenty to offer travellers looking for unique cultural and natural landscapes.

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7. Lego - A Danish Company

kids playing lego

Lego is one of the most famous and loved children’s toys in the world, with kids of all ages (and lots of adults) spending hours buildings scenes and structures out of these colourful bricks. The name Lego comes from the contraction of two Danish words, leg and godt literally translating as ‘play good’.

Families and lovers of this world-famous building block can visit the Legoland Billund Resort in Denmark, staying at the Legoland Castle Hotel, seeing the Lego Miniland model of the world and going on rides that are fun for all the family.

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Visit the home of Lego, LEGOLAND, Denmark
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8. Hans Christian Andersen

hans christian andersen statue in denmark

Another of Denmark’s famous exports is the fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen, known for writing beloved classics such as The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and The Princess and The Pea. Andersen coined the phrase “Der var engang” meaning “Once Upon A Time” which has become an iconic beginning phrase of all children’s stories.
Visitors to Denmark can recognise the works of Hans Christian Andersen by discovering the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense, Denmark or by visiting the Andersen statue in the Rosenborg Castle Gardens in Copenhagen. There are sculptures of Andersen all over the world, including one in Central Park New York, Solvang in California and Sydney, Australia.

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9. Beaches - on the North Sea

fishing boats on the beach in denmark

While Danish weather may not exactly lend itself to beach getaways (especially during the long, dark winter months), it’s still a saying that you’re never more than an hour away from a beach in Denmark. As Denmark is a relatively small Scandinavian country, it’s pretty easy to explore the whole thing, taking road trips to new destinations each day.

Denmark’s coastline is filled with vast sandy beaches with the brisk North Sea waters lapping the shores. From the family-friendly Lønstrup Beach to the dunes of Søndervig Beach and the beaches of Rømø Island, Denmark is a wonderful alternative beach holiday destination for those seeking something a little crisper and more unique.

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There you have it, the top things that Demark is famous for (aside from its expensive travel price tag!). If you’re seeking happiness and hygge, Denmark may just be the place for you!

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